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Video Pod - Legal Page

This statement forms the basis of an agreement between Video Pod and it’s members

plus the member’s guests.   All persons using Video Pod accept and agree with this statement.


Video Pod is the Video Pod pages on the website of TaiChiKent.com and any content stored or presented there, plus the site administrator.

Members refers to those who have their names listed on the eMail updates list (updates about username & password changes) & any guests using Video Pod.


Members can opt-in or opt-out of this service, at any time, without any explanation.

Members are asked not to regularly share the log-in details with non members.   However, we encourage you to do so for short periods with prospective members (guests).  [short periods is not defined, allowing you the benefit of doubt]

Members are asked to keep us informed about changes to their eMail contact address.  [without this we cannot keep them informed about log-in changes]

Members are asked to treat all content on Video Pod as “Copyright protected”.

Video Pod

Video Pod will not share your members details with anyone.

Member details will be stored, off-line, under full data protection guidelines.

A member’s details will be erased if a member opts-out.

The content, on Video Pod, should not offend in any way.

Video Pod will regularly change the log-in details and inform all listed members.

We hope this non-gobbledygook page is acceptable.  Please let us know if otherwise.

If you feel something is not covered here, which should be - please let us know.

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