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Public Information Videos

Public Information Videos

We have assembled a collection of links to public information videos, on YouTube, which provide invaluable information to everyone.   This service is provided to our club members, prospective members and the general public.   Please feel free to view them.

NOTE    The videos will be viewed in a separate window, which can be closed when you have finished with that video.   This window will remain for your future use.

Medical Tai Chi: How tai chi can help cancer treatment.  

Tai Chi and Cardiac Rehabilitation - Mayo Clinic.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi (MSNBC).           

Health Check: Tai chi for heart patients.    

Tai Chi Benefits Heart Patients.               

Tai Chi classes in Darnall.                        

Cardiac rehabilitation on the Inside Out programme.     

Discover the Benefits of Therapeutic Tai Chi.               

Learn the Benefits of Tai Chi from The Barefoot Doctor.

Defeating Stress: UC Irvine Professor, Benefits Of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi as Physical Therapy: Extending the Continuum of Care.

Scientific studies have shown that Tai Chi Chuan can :- Improve Cardio-vascular function, Increase balance, Increase muscle tone and joint flexibility, Reduce fall risk, Reduce risks associated with diabetes, Improve mental functions such as memory.

These benefits are available when practiced regularly according to its guiding principles. Tai Chi Chuan can also serve to reduce stress and improve overall health when practiced on a regular basis.