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This is the Notice Board for Club Members of Dave Willis in Folkestone & Deal.

Here, we will try to keep you informed about current activities and any pending events or special occasions.

Club Products

There are 2 audio CDs currently available :-

The three stages of dissolving for you to follow and practice at home.


Tai Chi for Relaxation & Health

Warm Up, Shifting, Breathing.

There are a variety of flyers and leaflets.

If you can arrange display anywhere,

or need some to pass to friends & acquaintances,   please ask.

For more

information, go to

David’s Audio CDs

Venue Notice

Folkestone’s new venue from 5th Oct 2017

See new venue >>  Invicta Venue

Just For You

A new section has been added in Video Pod.

It’s called ‘Requests’ and contains videos or music requested or forwarded by members.

For answers to any question, contact David.

eMail him on  

Phone him on

 Scams & Dodgy Traders    See our “Avoid” page >  Avoid