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The starting place in your search for Tai Chi training in Kent.  GB.

You might have a clear goal and know exactly which style and what type of training

you require.   Or you may be looking for ideas, information or contacts details.

Primarily this site is aimed at providing information and guidance on Tai Chi in Kent.

However, we recognise the benefits of all disciplines of martial art training, and support them all in their endeavours for fitness & health - so we also provide links to some of those other martial arts training clubs in Kent.

Welcome to

Welcome to

Tai Chi Kent

Tai Chi Kent

Other clubs, who are interested in being included on this site, should contact

 Mike by E-mail :-  Mike@TaiChiKent.com

This site was established 8th June 2015.                  Last update 15th April 2017

This site is in it’s infancy and, currently shows one Tai Chi instructor.

Dave Willis - runs classes in Folkestone & Deal.

For details, click the “Tai Chi” button at the top of this page,

or click  >>  Dave Willis