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Scams & Dodgy Traders  :  AVOID

Welcome to the AVOID page.  Here I want to warn you about some of the current deals to avoid.

I have been caught or nearly caught on a few.

FoxTV antenna

They hype about how you can close your cable account and watch it ALL for FREE.

What they don’t tell you, is that it’s just a very expensive in-door aerial for FreeView.


London Capital & Finance

They offer a ISA account at 8.0%.

But, I found out that the company is managed from abroad and treats the London staff like 3rd world sweat-shop workers.  They’re going to fall.

BitCoin trading

I was enticed by a clear golden opportunity.

I joined and checked it out from the inside - what I saw rang bells, so I did some research and found these websites which clearly identify that BitCoin, also trading as iTrader.com and BitCoin Code are a big  SCAM.     Avoid them.   For proof - see sites >>

Halfords Auto Centres.

Complaints from hundreds of people who have been quoted for work which was not needed, overcharged, damaged the car, shoddy workmanship, lousy customer service, bad management, charged for work which wasn’t done, etc, etc . . . .

Halfords have been fined by Councils and Trading Standards.      See More >>







They offer a 8.55% 5-year growth bond.

But, they are funding that with the new money coming in.  This is NOT sustainable - They will fall.

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AutoExpress - Halfords fraud.

Review Centre - Halfords customer complaints.

Complaints Dept - Halfords customer complaints.

If you have encountered other scams or dodgy traders - please tell us - we can include them here.

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